Ryan Smart Magic color changing LED Night Lamp with smart ON/OFF switch

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  • Automatic Night Lamp: This lamp comes with 3 LED’s that turns On when there is complete darkness in your room. Also it shuts down automatically when there is any other light in room like Sunlight/Bulb /Tubelight etc
  • [Light Illumination Effect] : Light illuminates in different colors in 1 LED and other 2 LED’s glow in same color making it a beautiful pattern which sets the mood
  • Very unique, stylish, fancy and attractive specialty night light lamp. Simple plug and play design
  • Automatic color changing light is designed in nursery mushroom plant shape with leaves on it. It gives a pleasure of lighted green nursery inside your beautiful home
  • Smart sensor automatically turns on the mushroom night light when it detects dark. Similarly it automatically turns off when senses brightness or day light. Hence it preserves the power and life of the led
  • 0.2 watt led light consumes as low as power but gives brightening light. Automatic 7 color changing feature
  • Dimension – 13 x 4.5 x 2 cm 
  • material – silica gel with plastic body
  • color – white body with colorful led

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Ryan Smart Magic color changing LED Night Lamp

with smart ON/OFF switch

Product description

1) It has Warm and intelligent high-tech light-control switch , according to the ambient light brightness automatically switch

2)Romantic pairs matching shape, change the old-fashioned image of the traditional lamp to bring fun and make you feel romantic love

3) when the light dims couple of light-control night light will automatically send the soft light

4) when the Room light is illuminated, it will automatically shut down, so that it provide some convenience for night operations.

5) working voltage: AC  110 V -220 V

6) Less power consumption 0.2 watt suitable light source

Small Innovative Lamp

It comes in a cute mushroom shaped design with flowers ideal for home decoration or for children’s night lights.


It comes with an automatic sensor which switches on automatically during dark conditions and off when your normal lights are on, allowing you to get up at night, get some water, use the restroom and return to bed without turning reaching for the light switch.

Multi Colour Changing illumination

The mushroom shaped light illuminates in a variety of colors which set the right, soothing ambiance. 1 LED illuminates different colors whereas 2 LED’s glows in same static color.


This makes for a great gifting option for just about anyone! Impress your family and friends with this attractive, functional night light.


Its a small beautiful night lamp which ideal for your switch to operate with ease. Everyone will go awe when it turns on during night.

For Everyone

This night lamp is ideal for everyone as lights automatically in dark conditions. You just need to keep it plugged in and turn on switch. The light illuminates in different colors making your night a special one indeed. You’ll love its modern and interesting design as it comes with artificial leaves as well.There are 3 Led’s and you can adjust their position as well as the wiring is adjustable. Surprise your loved ones with this night lamp.

Additional information

Dimensions 50.038 × 130.048 mm


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