NISHICA NS-M-912 long Range (Range 4000 Meter) Rechargeable Flashlight With Solar Charging support

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  • POWERED BY BRIGHTEST CREE MADE IN U.S.A.LED – Nishica LED Torchlight stands out primarily for its super bright LED bulbs. This 220 Lumens tactical light features advanced CREE LED Technology for ultra brightness
  • FARTHER REACH AND RUN – With NEW WIDE HEAD to achieve an incredible reach of 4000 metres you can be sure to cover a longer distance without having to move from spot. Runs 240 minutes on a full charge
  • BUILT TOUGH – Engineered with Aircraft Aluminium metal with hard layer anti rust anodisation to withstand common accidents and hard impacts
  • WATER RESISTANT AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Nishica LED Torches are designed with water resistant O Ring seals that allow you to use them in generally wet conditions. This resourceful torch can be used for Camping, Hiking, Exploring, Fishing, Outdoor, Hunting, Climbing, Everyday Use 



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NISHICA NS-M-912 long Range (Range 4000 Meter) Rechargeable  Flashlight With Solar Charging support



Let our ultra illuminating CREE LED bulb light the way for you and your family members. A innovator of lighting-class LEDs and LED lighting, USA manufactured CREE diodes are HIGHLY efficient, which is why we import them to craft our professional handheld LED torches


The ultimate outdoor sidekick, a Nishica metal rechargeable flashlight is the essential survival tool while you are out in the wild and is also a coveted flashlight among people in the outdoor securities sector. Featuring a fully water-resistant coating, O Ring Seals and non-slip grip, this LED torch flashlight is ideal for all types of inclement weather conditions, including rain, sleet, snow and hail, all while providing a firm grip with its non-slip contact surface.


Conveniently compact and rechargeable, this light source is designed to be of use anytime, anywhere. Keep our rechargeable flashlight torch within hand’s reach and enjoy a bright and reliable light source when in situations with no power or during power outages. Let the Nishica CREE torch light the way in cases of automotive breakdown, on hiking or camping excursions, on construction sites, for late night walks or during fishing trips. The uses are endless!

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 405 mm


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