Polaris NX100 Long Black0.177 Cal Break Barrel Brown Butt Air Rifles (With RF)

Nitro piston is the latest technology in break barrel air rifles where the mechanical spring is replaced with a nitrogen gas filled unit. These rifles won’t lose velocity, will have quicker lock time and are quieter than the conventional spring rifles. The cocking effort is reduced as well as the jerk (recoil) compared to a Springer is less. Combining the established features of the SX100 air rifles with the new S3 Nitro Spring technology make the NX100 series an ideal and reliable choice. Perfect for open sight target shooting competitions and open field shooting. RF Means rust free now your air rifle is safe from various weather conditions  which produces corrosion on barrel.

S3 technology – Smooth, Slick, Self-contained


Smooth Cocking with reduced Cocking Effort. Reduces Damaging & annoying vibration and recoil


Quicker Lock Time – Improved Accuracy. Noise Reduction – No Spring Twang. Easily removable as a unit


Can remain Cocked for extended periods. Not Affected by Temperature variations. No need of Refilling.

Description Polaris Club Elite
Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Max Velocity 240 mps / 800 fps 180 mps / 600 fps
Power 16 Joules / 12 ft-lb 7.5 Joules / 5.5 ft-lb
Power Plant Nitro Piston
Action Mechanism Break Barrel
Barrel Length 450mm (Standard)
Total Length 1065mm (Standard)
Total Weight 3.1 kgs
Barrel Material Steel
Barrel Rifled
Front Sight Post
Rear Sight Adjustable for windage and elevation
Scopable Yes
Safety Automatic Manual
Suggested For Plinking / Fun / Open Field Target Target Shooting
Mounting Rail 3/8″ (11mm) Dovetail
Trigger Two Stage
Stock Material Polymer (Dark Brown – Standard)
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